Training & Development

Abu Dhabi Media believes that training and development contributes to a highly motivated and professional workforce who will deliver high performance to make Abu Dhabi Media grow in success and value. 

The objective of the company’s training and development policy is to enable all staff to develop to their full potential in relation to achieving the company’s long and short-term objectives, and to gain increasing job satisfaction from using more of their abilities and talents at work.

Every employee has a responsibility for his/ her own learning and development, in order to improve performance. This will be achieved by employees in conjunction with their line manager by continuously monitoring their skills, identifying developmental needs and implementing formal training when required or encouraging self directed learning when applicable.


Emirtization at Abu Dhabi Media:

Abu Dhabi Media aims to attract, train, develop & retain high caliber Emirati graduates and talented professionals to support Abu Dhabi Media’s long term future growth strategy. We aspire at providing worthwhile Emiratization opportunities through our various programs across our businesses leading to cultivating home-grown media talent in the region to pave the way for a new generation of film-makers, broadcasters, journalists and directors.