Learn more here about our company structure, our partnerships and our commitment to being the media and entertainment group of choice in the Arab world for our consumers, customers and partners.

Our Company

Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) is one of the fastest growing, multi-platform media and entertainment organizations in the Middle East. Established in 2007, ADM operates and manages 24 market-leading brands across multiple platforms, including broadcast, publishing and digital. 

Through its diverse platforms, Abu Dhabi Media provides unique and compelling content that is entertaining, informative and engaging; targeting a wide base of audiences regionally and internationally. 


Abu Dhabi Media adopts key initiatives that support the evolution of the UAE’s media industry and overall development plans.


The Abu Dhabi Media campus in central Abu Dhabi is home to our Publishing, Broadcast and Digital divisions. It is a hub of creative energy, with studios and editorial offices working 24/7 to maintain the quality of output for which we are known all over the Arab-speaking world.

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