Al Emarat TV

Under the slogan ‘Al Bayt Mitwahid,’ Al Emarat channel, serves as the United Arab Emirates official channel, through a wide variety of programs that appeal to viewers of all ages in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi TV

Under the slogan ‘Qalb Al Emarat, Abu Dhabi Channel,’ is one of Abu Dhabi Media’s leading television channels and a hub for local productions specialized in promoting the capitals latest events and conferences.

Abu Dhabi Sports Channels

Abu Dhabi Sports channels also known as Al Riyadiya are Abu Dhabi Media’s popular broadcaster of local and international sports in the region, featuring three free to air channels 1، 2 and Extra and four subscription based High Definition sports channels 3، 4، 5 and 6.


Yas is the UAE’s primary Emirati sports channel, which specializes in traditional sports such as horse and camel racing, marine sports and falconry.

Majid TV

With the increasing popularity of Majid Magazine and Majid comic, which has become a cultural phenomenon deeply embedded across the Arab speaking world

National Geographic Abu Dhabi

National Geographic Abu Dhabi the first free to air Arabic documentary channel was established as the result of a partnership between Abu Dhabi Media and the National Geographic Channels International NGCI in 2009

Abu Dhabi Drama

Abu Dhabi Drama, launched in 2010 as part of Abu Dhabi Media’s television network, broadcasts the best and latest Arab dramas series in addition to other international series dubbed into Arabic.